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Simran Kalra, University of Leicester,; Fanni Gyurko, University of Glasgow,; Stine Piilgaard Porner Nielsen, University of Southern Denmark,

Despite the call for a death knell on legal consciousness studies (Silbey 2005), the field has flourished into one of the largest areas of socio-legal research. In the context of the changing world order, human rights backsliding and technological disruptions, which together reproduce a variegated disciplinary experience of citizenship, legal consciousness studies are faced with new methodological and conceptual challenges. Scholarship notes the growing interest in themes such as relationality (Chua and Engel 2019) and counter-hegemony (Halliday 2019).

Advancing these new trends, the panel series seek papers that revisit the theoretical framework to advance our understanding of the role of law in this changing social context. We are interested in papers that explore the relationship between legal consciousness and temporality; relationality in legal consciousness; legal consciousness in plural legal contexts; and finally, new methodologies for the study of legal consciousness. The themes aim to advance the value of legal consciousness studies through case studies which were hitherto not perceived to be central to understanding the role of law in society.

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