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Chalen Westaby, Sheffield Hallum University,;
Alex Batesmith, University of Leeds,

This stream is concerned to understand the work of lawyers and the role of professions historically, presently and in the future.

The global legal professions continue to undergo radical changes although there are contradictory trends. Many countries in the world aspire to embrace the rule of law and seek to establish independent legal professions as a step in that process. In the meantime, in many Western jurisdictions’ legislation, technology and competition are driving change in the role, structure, organisation and culture of lawyers and legal professions. As professions change, so, arguably, does the nature and connotations of professionalism.

We invite papers on any aspect of the legal profession: law firms, lawyers’ work, organization, professionalism, practice, ethics of practice, training, globalization and more. We encourage work reflecting philosophical, theoretical, and empirical perspectives on these themes.

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