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Dr Jack Meakin, University of Leeds,; Dr Manoj Dias-Abey, University of Bristol,

The recent Law & Political Economy movement in the US and Europe has recently reinvigorated a debate in legal academia about the role of law and legal structures in ordering our political economy. The preoccupations of the LPE movement reflect longstanding interests amongst legal scholars in thinking about the relationships between law, politics, and economics. The reasons behind the surge in interest in these topics reflect a variety of developments, including the rise in inequality, environmental breakdown, reconfiguration of global governance, and the profusion of movements contesting current arrangements. This stream aims to provide a forum for UK and international socio-legal scholars to investigate these contemporaneous issues in a way that is attentive to both the needs of the academy and outside movements. In respect of the latter, contributions will ask critical questions about the ways that legal structures empower or constrain different social groups and determine their access to resources and social justice. We recognise theoretical and methodological pluralism and encourage applications from scholars working in range of subfields.

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