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Arwen Joyce, University of Leicester,; Inga Thiemann, University of Leicester,; Maayan Niezna, University of Liverpool,

The stream conveners invite submissions relating to labour law, the employment relationship, and the future of work, broadly conceived. We envision this to be an interdisciplinary and multijurisdictional stream embracing a variety of socio-legal methodologies and approaches. We welcome submissions concerning different aspects of labour law, including collective bargaining and new forms and strategies of collective action, discrimination and (in)equality in the workplace, and the impact of digitalisation, the gig economy, and late-stage capitalism on employment practices and people.  


We particularly encourage submissions on topics that can be neglected in mainstream labour law research, including the legal framework impacting marginalised workers in the labour market, labour migration, agency work, precarious employment, and the role of grassroots movements in advocating for workers' rights. Papers reflecting the intersection between labour law and other areas of law and legal theory, such as criminal law, administrative law, migration law, social welfare policy, and theories of distributive justice are very welcome. 


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