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Alex Dymock, Goldsmith's University of London,; Avi Boukli, University of Southampton,

This stream seeks to draw together socio-legal scholarship from across the globe and features scholars carrying out work relating to the broad theme of gender, sexuality and law. Past papers have considered same-sex marriage and citizenship, gender identity, queer theory, gender and legal history, gender/sexuality and parenthood, homophobic and transphobic hate crime, sex education, sexual violence, sexuality and the media, religion and sexuality, comparative perspectives, obscenity law, and abortion. Papers relating to any area of gender, sexuality and law will be considered. We particularly welcome papers considering feminisms and queer studies and contemporary debates in gender, sexuality and law.

As well as interdisciplinary work related to the stream’s topics, the stream also welcomes creative presentation of research and has in the past included poetry, film, performance and exhibitions.

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