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Janet Ulph, University of Leicester,;
Sophie Vigneron, University of Kent,

This stream seeks to provide a forum for discussing the links between art, culture, heritage and the law. It is open to researchers in law as well as in other disciplines. A wide range of papers will be welcomed which can include the legal and ethical regulation of art, culture and heritage as well as practical issues and socio-legal implications.

Papers may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural values;

  • The intersections of national and international law as well as private and public laws in the protection of cultural objects.

  • The relationship between property and culture;

  • Repatriation of cultural objects;

  • Cultural rights and human rights;

  • Cultural institutions and the law;

  • The de-accessioning or acquisition of objects from museums and other cultural institutions;

  • Legal protection of artistic works, the built environment and objects of cultural importance;

  • The licit and illicit circulation of works of art and cultural objects;

  • Minority rights and interests relevant to culture and heritage;

  • Art and aesthetics and their relationship to law;

There may be a link with other streams such as indigenous and minority rights and Challenging Ownership and, in this case, an attempt will be made to have a group session.

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